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We are proud to introduce our ever popular trigger shoe. Designed by Nelson Precision, we are the original designers and manufacturers of these trigger shoes. These trigger shoes are Gen 1-5 compatialble and are anodized. We are also happy to indrouce them in Brass and Copper, which the triggers have never been available in before.


The brass shoes are available in 360 brass and the Copper trigger shoes are available in Grade 145 copper which is a medical & aero space grade of copper.


The trigger shoes will have coiled roll pins but can be ordered with sold pins as an option.


This tirgger shoe does not come with a trigger bar. You will need to use your factory Glock trigger bar. The shoe will come with the safety installed. The trigger bar pin has been partially installed for easy installation.


The Skeletor Trigger Shoe is Gen1-5 compatiable. 


Legacy Trigger Shoe will fit:

9mm: G17, G17L, G19, G19X, G26, G45, G34, G43, G43X, G48, G47

40cal: G22, G23, G24, G27, G35, G24

10mm: G20, G29, G40

45acp: G21, G30, G36, G41

45gap: G37, G38, G39

.357sig: G31, G32, G33

.380acp: G42

.22LR: G44


Skeletor Trigger Shoe for Glock

    • Does not come with a trigger bar
    • Fits Gen1-5 
  • The Brass and Copper Trigger Shoes and Trigger Safety will tarnish over time. You may need to periodically polish them to keep them from tarnishing. We do not cover or warranty tarnishing of the trigger shoes or safety.

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